Wavemeters Class "D" No. 1 Mk II/I

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This device was used to tune the WS 19 to a calibrated frequency to make netting of a group of
transmitters possible without live broadcast. This particular model is a modified one: "class "B" Standard.

Also a mains-supply is built in. At this time I don't know whether this is a part of the modification or this was done
by a previous owner. I anyone can give me details on that subject, this is greatly appreciated. MAIL

This modest box contains de Wavemeter Class "D" Mk 2.

Measurements: ~ 19,8 x 16 x 18,5 cm.

At the back two thumb screws that hold the wavemeter frame.

When the lid is opened, this is what it looks like.

In the lid a brief user guide is attached.

It can generate signals on every 1 Mc on the dial. It is also possible to tune a wanted frequency in the ranges 1900 tot 4000 KC or 4000 to 8000 KC.

Using headphones one can tune the unit on "zero beat". The frequency tuned is as precise as the built in crystal can generate.

This unit is not as precise as the BC221 is.

This type differs from the MK-II. Also, the ZA-number is different from the MK-I.
The Phones cover is cut off to make room for the marking.

Note the marking "L.R. PHONES". Low Resistance?

Inside the box.

At the right, the crystal unit is visible. 

The vibrator unit, at the right side, is removed, as is the spare holder at the left. The right tube at the back is in use, the one at the left is a spare.  

In the cabinet two spare light bulbs are mounted. 

The shielded compartment contains the varco.

Bottom view.
The mains supply is clearly visible.

A piece of transparent household mains cable is used. Not very professional! This could indicate that the mains supply was built in by a previous owner. But that previous owner could also just have replaced a broken or dried out rubber cord.

An other view at the PSU.
PSU in detail.


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