Wireless Set No. 19 Mk. III - Information Index

Through the years I have gathered various information regarding my most favourite Wireless Set: No. 19, Mk. III.

So, dear visitor, look around and enjoy. Please respect the copyrights, if applicable.

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WS19 (CANADIAN) Mk III No. 60991 The British made WS19 I use every Sunday to listen to the SRS AM network on 3.705, from 10:00 ~ 12:00 hours, local time.
WS19 (CANADIAN) Mk III No. 57695 - The Italian Job A WS19 MK-III-CANADIAN made by Northern Electric under contract RCA-107127-202. This set was last used in the Italian army before sold to Greece. Later this set came to Holland as surplus. Through various traders it came to me.
WS19 - totally HAM-ed A WS19 Mk-II that was "improved" by a HAM
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WS19 (CANADIAN) MK-III No. C 50210 Northern Electric RCA-107127-202 - waiting for photographing and repair
WS19 (CANADIAN) MK-III No. 67432 Marconi - waiting for photographing and repair
WS19 (CANADIAN) MK-III No. 64955 RCA Victor Co. - waiting for photographing and repair
Amplifier RF No.2 MK-III No. 7575 waiting for photographing and restore

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Case, spare valves, No. C1 A metal box containing spare valves for WS19.
Case, spare parts, No. 5C A metal box containing spare parts like fuses a.s.o. and a Morse key.
Battery meter An instrument to measure the battery voltage.
Pocket watch Operators were given a pocket watch to record time when messages were sent or received.
Morse Keys My collection of Morse keys. Nice to read: the Ernie Simmonds Story
Wave meters, Class "D" No. 1, Mk 2 Wave meters, Class "D" No. 1, Mk 2
Wave meter, Class "D" N0. 1, Mk II-I Wave meters, Class "D" No. 1, Mk 2 revised
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Remote Control Unit no. 1 waiting for photographing
Telephone, Loud speaking, No. 2 waiting for restore
Control boxes, various waiting for photographing
Headgear waiting for photographing
Mountings Vehicle, man carriers
Crystal Calibrator waiting for restore

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RCA women building WS19's Nice to see are these black & white photographs, taken in an RCA factory were mainly women were constructing these sets.
Snatch Plug 5 points How to dismantle a snatch plug 5 points. Diagrams.
Meters Information on several instruments, used on WS 19 and 62
RCCOS Royal Canadian Corps Of Signals