Old Objects

On this page the objects, World War II related, that one encounters during quests for usable radios and radio parts.

Message Book M-210 - Signal Corps U.S. Army Photos can be clicked for an enlargement.
This is small booklet radio operators used to take messages. This example has never been used and is besides some corrosion on the staples, in mint condition.

Not a single sheet is used and carbon and protector sheet are all in place.

From the instructions I guess that this booklet was used for outgoing messages. Used between the writer of the message and the radio room.
The message is written down on this form.
A list of admitted abbreviations. Everything is regulated.

Box, Fuses, 10, Air Ministry  
A small cardboard box, containing 10 fuses.

Resistors 2A, 1,500 Ohms, ZA 15416  
The content of this little package is clear.

It is not opened, so I don't really know how these resistors will look.

I am not going to open it!

Wire W-147 CNK  
This waxed paper container holds a spool with antenna wire.
It's a wooden spool. I don't know where it is from, but I could imagine it is from a "Gibson Girl" emergency radio set.
Top of the spool.