Triplett Model 3433  Signal Generator


  On an Internet Market Place I dicovered this fine signal generator. It is a versatile apparatus though not in working order, right now. It is my intention to get it up and running again but I have not come to it. Copys of the manuals were kindly sent to me, so I hope to find some time soon, than I will bring it back to life again.

I have taken extensive photo's of this 3433 that can be enjoyed on this page.

Brand name: Triplett
Modell: 3433
Serial no.:  
Freq. Ranges:
100 - 200 kHz
200 - 400 kHz
400 - 820 kHz
820 - 1700 kHz
1.7 - 3.5 MHz
3.5 - 7 MHz
7 - 14.5 MHz
14.5 - 27.5 MHz
27.5 - 55 MHz
55 - 120 MHz
Modulation: AM, AM-CW, FM, FM 2 MHz
50 MHz - 400 ~ x 1
50 MHz -   60 ~ x 2
  2 MHz -   60 ~ 5
Output Power: ?
Tubes: 6
Brand :
1, oven type
1,000 KHz
Sockets: External Modulation - 4 mm
Ground - 4 mm
RF Input - 4 mm
Horizontal Sync - 4 mm
RF Out - PL519
Year of birth: 1950's ?
Accessories: none
Scale in detail

Very nice working vernier. Unfortunately, the previous owner did not cut his fingernails on time, so some paint around the knob is gone.

The scale goes around for 270 degrees, so a commercial, receiver type variable capacitor can be expected.

Brand name and type number

Range switch and green control light. Printed dial was scratched by the same nails. :- (

Modulation selector panel.
Deviation and output panel.

The PL-519 socket seems not to be original to me. And above that, the Hi-RF plug was removed.

I would like to bring that back to original, but need the manual to see what was used for these plug originaly.

The meter circuit.
The interior.

Eight tubes and one crystal.

Observe the small tuning capacitor.

To the left one not original transformer. This transformer was made by Philips - The Netherlands, and according to the model during the 1950's. Originally these transformers are soaked in tar, so black. This one was painted grey.

To the right the frequency switch with around it an array of frequency controlling components. The small trimming capacitor, bottom right, seems to be added later.

The Bliley Crystal Unit with inside a 1 MHz crystal. This unit is a so called "oven". It has e heater element inside that keeps the crystal on a constant temperature so frequency shifting is kept to a minimum.

The unit is mounted on an octal plug, fitting an octal socket as used for tubes.

Frequency section in detail.

Normaly this section is covered by a hood.

Top view

Observe and enjoy the craftsmanship that realised this.

Bottom view.
Upper section: Power Supply

Middle section: Power amplifier

Lower section: Output circuitry. Observe the shielded attenuator.


Attenuator in detail. The PL-519 is completely shielded.
AM/FM circuitry.

That black capacitor is German made, the brown-black-yellow resistor is a Philips made. Both not in there when the machine left USA.

Bank of capacitors.
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