Triplett Model 666-H-H  V-A-O meter

In January 2009 I saw on an Internet trading place, a photo of a meter of which the logo on the instrument looked familiar. Indeed, it was a Triplett! I made an offer to the owner and to my surprise the instrument was mine. The second surprise came when it was delivered. It looked beautifully and the original test leads were included!

So now I own 1 Triplett meter, type 666-H-H and as every collection starts with one object, a new collection is born.

A couple of months later no. 2 made it's appearance: model 630.


Brand name: Triplett
Modell: 666-H-H
Serial no.: 124957
DC range: 0 - 5000 V in 4/5 steps
AC range: 0 - 5000 V in 4/5 steps
  (1000+ V via 5000V connector)
Current: 10 - 100 - 500 mA
  (DC only)
Resistance: Lo: 0 - 2 kOhm
  Hi: 0 - 400 kOhm
Sensitivity: 1000 Ohms/Volt
Battery: "D" cell (1 x)
Patents: 2,346,521 - 2,364,724 - others pending
Year of birth: 1950's ?
Accessories: 1 x red test lead
  1 x black test lead
This meter is remarkably well kept. Not a single crack to be seen. Beautiful engraved text. The instrument is in working order. Do not ask about precision. This meter with a usable sensitivity of 1000 Ohms/Volt does not give a good reading when repairing modern silicon stuff. But isn't she a beauty?


So in Germany was a representative for Triplett meters, called Ate. Probably after World War 2...

Question: was this particular meter built by Bendix?

The interior. It has a wired circuit board. Hand wired resistors. It looks like new.

The only thing that is missing is the battery clip. I had to remove that due to a leaking battery that had been growing around the clip for many years. On the bottom of the board two rivets can be seen where the clip was attached.

Surprise number two: it came with the original test leads! Observe the unusual plugs. A funny thing is that the red lead is in perfect condition and the black lead is totally decayed. The insulation of that one is completely hardened en broken off.

All the same: this will look good in my showcase!

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