Triplett 630 V-A-O meter, owned by Antonio Marcelo de Oliveira

Brand name: Triplett
Modell: 630
Serial no.: 29268
DC range: 0 - 1200 V in 5 steps
  (6000 V via 6000 V DC connector)
AC range: 0 - 1200 V in 5 steps
  (6000 V via 6000 V AC connector)
Current: 1.2 - 12 - 120 mA; 60 mmA
  (DC only)
Resistance: Full scale 1 kOhm;
  ranges: x 1 - x 10 - x 1,000 - x 100,000
Output: connector present
Sensitivity: DC: 20,000 Ohms/Volt; AC: 5,000 Ohms/Volt
Battery: Berec B123 - 30 V
"D" cell (1 x)
Patents: not mentioned
Year of birth: 1930's ~ 1940's ?
Accessories: test leads
Condition: leather strap present
Dimensions: H: 188 x W 139 x D 81 mm
Leather strap for your comfort!
A large scale is provided. 3 - 6 - 12 divisions indicate use for radio repair, typical battery and B+ values.

Notice the Red Dot logo: lifetime warranty!

It is a 20.000 Ohm/Volt DC meter. So suitable for tube radio/tv repairs. On old schematics is mostly mentioned with what type of meter the voltages mentioned in the diagram, are measured. This to avoid wrong measurement.
The interior. Custom made switch, all moulded in Bakelite. Left: battery compartment for D-cell and on the right: 30 V battery.
Switch, seen from the side. The resistors lie in a sort of place holder.
The Novel BL020 battery gave 30 V.
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