WS18 - restore of cabinets

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Here some photo's of the state it was on, on the moment of arrival: (click each photo to enlarge)

"The Belgian Collection"

The canvas hood on the right side model, was extremely dirty. I wanted to wash it, but could not get it off the cabinet. So I decided to emerge it into warm water and a detergent. I used something called "Biotex", over here. Very good stuff.

My original plan was to repaint the cabinets because they were rusty and otherwise damaged. The Biotex helped me, unexpectedly, as you can see on the next photo.

The hood came beautifully out of the soak, but also most of the paint was gone!

The green had disappeared and under that came red coating to the surface. Most of that was also solved in the friendly detergent.

This made me decide to soak the cabinet even more, until all the paint would be gone.

Interesting to see: notes in pencil appeared from under the paint.

It reads: "Tool 1 hole LH Panel 2 RH Panel"

Isn't that great? This is a time capsule!

Upside down and in a different handwriting probably the name of the person (man or woman) that worked on this cabinet: "Pat".

Would it not be great to know who that was?

You see the traces of yellow paint on top? That was paint that was sensitive for poisonous gas. In case of an attack, that was supposed to change colour and warn the operator.

Cabinet II  
..... to be continued ......