WS-18: Tank coil / antenna switch assembly

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On this page you can see some details on the antenna coil.
I made these photos to serve as future refference, if I am ever going to make such a coil for the remaining black WS18 sender.
I cleaned the coil from dust an other dirt. Than I applied a special preserving oil on the Bakelite coil former and the insulating tubing. After that, these look very good.

This oil has a great effect on Bakelite and rubber. I used it to soften my squeaky windshield wipers. Every 6 months I bought new ones because they did not work anymore. Did not flip over in the return movement, made a hell of a noise and did no wiping. Softened with this oil, I could use the old ones I kept on a shelf, again.

If you have dull parts made of Bakelite, this oil is a solution. I got an old AVO MK-VIII meter that was completely dirty and dull. After a good wash with detergent, it was clean but D-U-L-L. I decided to give it a try with the preservation oil and was astonished with the result. The oil goes into the material and somehow regenerates the surface, looking new. It is a long time effect, not like Teflon sprays. And the surface is not greasy because the oils goes into the material. Great stuf.

It comes in a 5 litre can, but I will make it available in the Paraset Warehouse in small bottles.

Look at the tubing: looks as good as new.
Look at that little yellow wire, poking his little finger in the air and squeaking: "Me, me, take me!!".      Have to see a doctor, start to sound like Bob Ross. Sniffed too much soldering resin....

That's all folks!!