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On this page you will find a collection of links that I think are worth wile. Due to the continues changes
made to web pages and -sites, broken links are almost impossible to avoid. In such cases, or if you
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Push: Categories, Description
  Schematics, manuals, modifications
The Boat Anchor Manual Archive -         
Military Radio Equipment
Library Museum Verbindingsdienst, Ede, The Netherlands modifications and improvement of HAM rigs, HAM modems, etc.
Wireless for the Warrior - the books by Louis Meulstee
Heathkit Manuals and Schematics
More Heathkit Manuals and Schematics
  Batteries, Power Supply's
A Self-Contained "67.5 volt B Battery" for Portables - by Tony Maher (The Maher MOSFET Battery)
UNIVERSAL INVERTER POWER SUPPLY, PART I; - by Dennis Starks (look for item: Powering Military Radios - Building a DC-DC converter)
schematic for a small PSU for 45 or 67,5 volt for portable tube-radio's (Dutch Language)
hcdx - Antenna Special
Magnetic-Loop mit zwei Windungen für 80 und 40 Meter (German Language)
RNWO: Long Distance Medium Wave Loop antenna - by Steve Whitt
The 3-D Folded Loop Antenna - Dave Cuthbert, WX7G
Helical antenna - 15 m wire on a 2 m stick
Ground Plane for 2 m band (Dutch Language)
  Tubes and Semi Conductor data lists
Component data lists: Diodes, Thyristors, Triacs, Transistors, Intregated circuits
This database contains technical specifications on some 2000+ electron tubes, mainly obscure and hard-to-find devices, mainly American JEDEC numbers.
Index to Pages of Valve Equivalents - Over 5,000 references.
Henk's simple tube data page - under "eternal construction"
And all of the above:
The World Top Shortwave Broadcasting Database
MilAirComms.Com: information, schedules and frequencies of SWL Broadcasters of interest during time of war or conflict
Henk's frequency list for starters in the fine art of radio listening: "Where do I begin?" (Dutch)
Frequency spectrum used in The Netherlands (Dutch)
  Software, Misc.
Galva, a useful program to create all kinds of scales: for instruments, front layouts for cabinets, etc. (English and French)
LL, Lange Lijnen (Long Lines) simulates long feeder lines. Old DOS program, to be run in compatibility mode if using XP. Source: Harley, PA0TIN
Signals, demonstrates all types of HF-signal forms as AM, SSB, FM a.s.o. Works under XP in a DOS-box. Source: Harley, PA0TIN
Waves, demonstrates the wave patterns going out to and coming back from the antenna. Source: Harley, PA0TIN
Breitling: handy time-piece with world-times, time calculator, units & currency converter
SI-units: table, powers of 10 (Dutch Language)
  Personal site's
Wammes Green Radios
Squelch, the scannerpage of Peter van Bommel (Dutch Language)
A collection of radio oriented diagrams, add-ons and designs - W.A.J.  Geeraert  ( PE1ABR )
Museum Verbindingsdienst (Dutch Language)
Museum voor het radiozendamateurisme Jan Corver (Dutch Language)
  Ham Clubs, Surplus Clubs
Surplus Radio Society: Ye Olde Site
Surplus Radio Society: PI4SRS (not always up-to-date - check else where to be sure)
NAFRAS - een vereniging van zend- en luisteramateurs die dienen of hebben gediend bij de Koninklijke Luchtmacht of MLD (Dutch Language)
Amateur radio station in the Bridge Wireless Office on board of HMS Belfast, Thames, London, near Tower Bridge
  WW-I, WW-II, common links
Slagveld Normandië, Ardennenoffensief - Pieter Jutte (Dutch Language)
Worldwar2, a site containing links to lots of surprising background information-site's. (Partly Dutch Language)